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It all started

as a song...

Fans of Stereotytans have spoken! The song "Bumblebee Weed" has not only become a favorite of ours to play, but is one of the most requested songs by our ever-growing fanbase, who we affectionately refer to as the Demygod Army.


As the fever for the song continues to spread, we're constantly brainstorming ways to capitalize on the song's popularity and foray into realms previously unforseen, at least not by most local bands, anyway.

Now the song is turning into a MOVEMENT...

Fast forward to 2018...and enter the mad geniuses over at Round Guys Brewing Company in Lansdale PA! Much like the story arc of a comic book, two forces have come together to bring to you a locally crafted, bad-ass song inspired BEER. Stereotytans, in conjunction with Round Guys present...BUMBLEBEE WHEAT ALE!!

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